Alphacuity is a financial technology company that provides advanced risk analytics on equity portfolios for a diverse set of investment management related clients. Alphacuity's Risk Analyzer delivers a cost effective and robust solution for identifying the size and character of the most dominant risks embedded within any portfolio relative to user selected benchmarks.

Alphacuity provides a forecast of ex-ante tracking error along with a detailed breakdown of risk exposures separated into the individual contributions of beta, size, credit, region, industry, and company specific sources. A simple review of the most significant risks can help identify the circumstances necessary to deliver excess return relative to the benchmark. With a preloaded library containing over 25,000 mutual funds, ETFs and UCITs, users can quickly and accurately achieve relevant, actionable insight into risk. Our software can be used to...

  • Compare any portfolio to any benchmark
  • Identify and understand the risks embedded within any equity portfolio
  • Decompose tracking error through a detailed breakdown
  • Measure and manage sources of systematic, regional, factor, and company specific risk
  • Analyze custom portfolios or merge multiple portfolios using custom weights

Alphacuity delivers relevant, timely, and actionable risk insights communicated in an easy-to-consume package.

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